About: Beauty, Fashion, Gadgets

What makes your style blog any different?

Most of us work typical 9-5 jobs, and can’t afford most of the items featured by the most known style bloggers.

Our goal is to showcase items that are fashionable, functional, and affordable. We also want to give them away!

Why are you giving away things for free?

I love to shop around the internet for unique and interesting items. Beauty, Fashion, Gadgets is my passion project. I wanted to start a fashion blog for the every day girl, and thought this would be a fun way to share cool things I find online.

How are the items funded?

As we are just starting out, the giveaway items are being purchased with my own, hard earned cash! Subscribing and clicking on the affiliate links to view item details will help fund future giveaways. Our hope is that the prizes will only get bigger and better.

How do we know the winners? How do we know they got their prizes?

Winners’ names will be displayed in the Rafflecopter widget. They will be contacted via email for shipping information. Winners will be asked to take a photo (to be posted under each closed giveaway) with their prize.

More questions?

Contact: info@beautyfashiongadgets.com